Current able to Student

Zahra, UW Oshkosh graduate student, Educational Leadership and Policy:

As an Afghan girl raised in Iran, I always appreciated the opportunity to have an education. When I went to Afghanistan seeking higher education, I chose to study politics to understand the political turmoil and instability that drove thousands of Afghans away, and deprived them of their basic right to education.

As a student of Political Science, I was exposed to different theories and concepts like “Asabiya” or group feeling. This means that every ethnic group follows their leaders. Studying the history of Afghanistan and being exposed to all these theories and concepts, I realized Afghanistan’s civil unrest can end with more robust educational development.

Inside me lives the ability to impact Afghanistan’s future through educational perseverance. I know so because I have had to endure a great many obstacles in getting this far in my own education. For expanding and fostering intercultural education in Afghanistan, I need to educate myself first. As a student of Educational Leadership and Policy, I need to have the requisite skill and experience at UW-Oshkosh to put into practice when I return to Afghanistan.

Upon completion of my graduate degree here in Oshkosh, I am determined to further develop education in Afghanistan. This is an opportunity to broaden my understanding and deepen my knowledge. I want to continue working in education because academia is a place to nurture intellectuals and future leaders with the guts to defy the odds.

– Dec 2016